How much will I earn if chosen an egg donor?

The compensation will be paid by cycle. Plus, transportation, hotel and meal, all living related spending. We offer $9,000 per cycle start up to $20,000 per cycle. It depends on the appearance, education level and donation experience.

How long is the egg donation?

Once the admission process is completed, to be matched with the intend parent will take a few weeks. Once matched, the medical process usually takes 22-28 days. (Days various are depend on the donor’s physical reaction with the medicine.)

Will I give myself injection of the medicine?

Donor will be give injection of medicine to stimulate all the follicles mature. Donor has two options to be given the injection. Either self-admit the injections, or come to the clinic to finish the injection by helping offered of the medical team.

Can skip a dose of the injection?

NO! Donor has to complete the shot on the Same Time of each day. NO exceptions! If any dose of the medicine had been missed injected, donor needs to report it to GDSA coordinator. The whole cycle will be cancelled.

Will egg donation affect donor’s fertility capability?

No, the egg donation will not affect any fertility capability of donor. Each month, body will select only one of the approximately 2 million follicles to make it mature, and being ready to be fertilized. All the other follicles will be either reabsorbed or discard by body. Egg donation process actually rescue these excess follicles to make them meaningful of the intend parents.

For more details and any other questions, please fill up the applications and submit back to us, we will sign a donor coordinator to help you go through all the process.

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