How much will be my compensation if I have been matched with intended parents?

Surrogacy compensation is $40,000 starting, plus other potential costs of living reimbursed.

What is the process for becoming a surrogate?

• Application completion.

• Evaluation with our physicians (all medical records from previous pregnancies will be needed).

• Medical work-up (vaginal ultrasound, physical pap smear, uterus evaluation).

• Matching with intended parents.

• Medical cycle (monitoring blood testing, ultrasound, injections and embryo transfer).

• Pregnancy and delivery.

How long does it take to be matched with the intended parents?

Once we receive the completed paperwork, the matching process will be start immediately. It can take as little as two weeks to settle the whole matching process with the legal paper work signed.

Can I participate in the surrogacy program without having my own health insurance?

Yes. If you have not obtained health insurance, a surrogate-specific medical plan may be purchased by the intended parents for you. This plan would be in place for the length of your pregnancy.

Will I be burdened with any costs as a surrogate?

Initially you may have upfront costs such as obtaining and mailing your medical records, in addition to traveling to your testing and screening appointments if you do not live locally. After you have been matched, you will be fully reimbursed by the intended parents for all costs related to our surrogate program.

Can I choose my own obstetrician once I am pregnant?

Possibly, provided your insurance plan is accepted by your obstetrician. However, the intended parents and surrogate together will ultimately decide the chosen physician. Many surrogates are able to return to the physician that delivered their own children for the surrogate pregnancy.

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