Process of to be a Surrogate Mother

Admission Process:

• Once the application is accepted, GDSA will contact you to set up a phone consultation or an in person interview, where we will address the specifics of the process, and any other questions you have.

• After your consultation is complete, you will begin working with an Admissions Specialist on paperwork and prescreening. This includes preparing for your in-person screening appointment in Los Angeles.

• Most surrogates make it from consult to in-person screening in about 6-8 weeks. Compare with the other surrogate agencies in the market. GDSA will guarantee our wonderful surrogacy candidates being matched within 30 days!

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Medical process:

• After the phone interview.

• “… Once you complete your interview with us, you will come out to Los Angeles. When you meet the doctor in the clinic, they will go through your medical history and details. The doctor will look very carefully through your personal medical history in addition to your obstetrical history. We also spend a great deal of time walking through the entire medical aspect of the surrogacy. We will do the blood test of both of you and your partner. We will be doing an ultrasound. We will be looking very carefully through the uterus to make sure there are no factors that will cause problems of pregnancy. We will ensure this is a safe process for both the embryo and the surrogate. While you are in Los Angeles, we will go through connections with you. Our hope is to make a simple visit, and to also make sure that you don’t have to come back here at another point other than for the embryo transfer. We will receive all the lab results about 2 weeks after your evaluation. If everything looks fine the doctor will give you a clearance for GDSA. GDSA will find an appropriate match for you. Once the match occurs, legal contracts will be drawn up. We will then be able to start the treatment process. You will take some hormones to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. During this time, you will go in for some ultrasounds and blood tests. For surrogates that live far away from us, we will find a convenient center closest to you. The embryo transfer is done about 3-5 days after the egg retrial. It will be done in the IVF office. Often the intended parents will be present during this exciting time. The transfer will be done discreetly, so it should not cause any discomfort. You actually will be able to watch the embryo go in on the ultrasound when we transfer them. After the transfer, you return back to the hotel, and just take it easy that day. The day after transfer you can safely return home, and go about your normal daily routine. Two weeks after the transfer, we will be able to do the pregnancy test. Hopefully, we will have exciting news for everybody. Over the next several months, we will be entering into various ultrasounds and blood tests. At this time, you can confirm the viability of the pregnancy to see if it is single child or even twins. Over the course of several months you will be taken off your hormones. At the end of the first trimester, you will be going back to your OB doctor for simple routing pregnancy. This is exactly what we want to see an uncomplicated pregnancy…”

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• Around 8 weeks pregnant, you will be transferred to an obstetrician in your area. GDSA will continue to support you and the intended parents throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

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