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About the Global D&S Team

We are excited that you are considering Global Donor & Surrogacy Agency as your preferred service provider. Find out more about us, and the team who will be joining you on your journey.
“…Cristina, from GDSA. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I have worked with her agency for a long time and she is ethical, honest, and great people all around. I have always experienced everyone at her team to provide great communication and to resolve issues effectively. They are there for the IP’s and surrogates every step of the way. They truly care about their surrogates and intended parents and it shows. Surrogates and IP’s love the agency and frequently return for second and third journeys.”
– Krystal Lee, Affiliate Collaborator

The Core Team

As a licensed RN, Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Andrologist, Cristina has been working in the infertility field for over 10 years. She is passionate about helping Intended Parents find suitable candidates to bring their dreams of parenthood into reality.
Cristina W.
Brittney is a leader in her field, and has an egg donor database with more than 500 candidates. Brittney’s team looks after the facilitation of egg donor recruitment and on-boarding. She is passionate about finding the right people to help intended parents realize their dreams of parenthood.
Brittney C.
Head of Egg Donations
Through her own journey as a surrogate, Deanne relates to other surrogates with compassion and care. Deanne brings 16 years of nursing experience in the infertility field to GDSA, and helps guide our surrogates along their journey, throughout their pregnancy to delivery.
Deanne L.
Head of Surrogacy

Global Donor & Surrogate Agency

What We Do

What Sets Us Apart


We act with compassion, integrity and transparency by communicating all facets of your journey to becoming a parent, egg donor or surrogate.
Our team consists of highly professional and experienced fertility specialists, and some of them have completed their own journeys of egg donation and surrogacy.


Our mission is to help people realize their dreams of parenthood by connecting them with suitable, and high quality surrogates and egg donors.
We ensure that all parties’ interests are taken care of whilst looking after their well-being at every stage.


We promise to help intended parents, surrogates and egg donors avoid common pitfalls and obstacles during their journey.
We guide each party through their matching process by providing comprehensive screening and recommendations.

Other Services

Fertility Consultation

We offer a free consultation for Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates to provide education about IVF treatments and the process that follows.

Sperm Donation

We partner with US sperm donation institutions to provide customized sperm donor outreach programmes to recruit quality candidates based on your search criteria.

Legal & Genetic Counselling

Our network of fertility attorneys, genetic counselors, therapists, and health practitioners are able to provide additional support to Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates.

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