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01. Why does the surrogate need an agency?
Agencies have the experience. Faced to so many different and difficult situations. Our agency will protect you, guide you and represent you.
02. What is Gestational Carrier or Surrogate Mother?
“in vitro fertilization” (IVF) now places the embryo into the uterus of a gestational surrogate. The surrogate then carries the baby until birth. They don’t have any genetic ties to the child because it wasn’t their egg that was used.
03. What should I concern if more than one couple like to match with me?
  • How many embryos pass PGS. — Ideally, the intended Parents would have at least 3 embryos passed PGS. To give surrogate mothers 3 times chances to implant. Apparently if not, agency need to make sure both parties have very clear communication and/or agree with each other either the intended parents will do more egg retrieved cycles to heaviest more eggs within a certain long time. Or else, the surrogate is aware of the limited amount of embryos. 
  • Does either egg source or sperm source had any infectious disease. Eg: HepB. — The baby’s bio-mother and/or bio-father had been infected by disease is not uncommonly seen. However, the surrogate needs to be fully disclosed and consulted with the IVF doctor regarding the risks of carrying their embryos. Surrogates, please,  be aware and ask your agency to obtain the relevant information before making the decision of matching.
04. How long does it take while waiting for a match?
Why did my friend get matched quicker than me? — Intended Parents’ seeking surrogates on various factors, such as, living locations_states/cities, marriage status, age, ethnic and religions, surrogate experience, ect. The quick match just happens to be the conditions of the surrogate highly matched with the intended Parents’ expectations. There is no good or bad. Different couples have different concerns.


01. Does surrogate burden any payment during the whole journey?
NO, the Intended Parents will offer all the costs during the whole process. The surrogate does not burden any penny.
02. What if the surrogate receive bills from the clinic/lab under her name?

The surrogate often receives bills from the OB clinic. Because it is easier for them to bill their surrogate self. NO WORRIES, contact the case manager of your agency, who is the hub of the process. She will be able to take care of all the billing issues. 

03. When do I start receiving compensation?

Surrogate starts receiving the first payment of compensation in the first month after Pregnancy confirmation.  In the last month of pregnancy, the rest of the compensation will be sum lump to by paid after delivery. For the details, please see page “” or contact us now. 

04. Do I pay tax on compensation received?
It is not taxable in California. Because it is compensation, not income. Please also consult it with us if you are living out of the state of California.
05. What bonus do I receive EXPECT compensation and when?
Please visit the page “” for more information on the bonus our Intended Parents will offer. Regarding the timeline of payment, please contact us for further and more detailed explanations.
06. Do I have insurance covered while being a surrogate?
Yes, our agency will make sure the surrogate will be fully covered during the pregnancy. As well as, life insurance. Insurance is always a big topic, please have your insurance card ready when you apply for us to do the insurance evaluation.


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01. What are the hormone medication? How do I take them?
The two major medications for stimulating uterus lining growth are Estrogen and Progesterone. It can be either muscular injection, oral pills and/or vaginal suppository. The way of admission of the medication depends on IVF doctors seeing how surrogates’ physically react to the medication.
02. Is embryo transfer painful?
Not even little. A long and very thin catheter is inserted into the uterus to release the embryo in. Later the surrogate will be asked to lie still on the same table to rest for 40 mins to 1 hours before leaving.
03. Will I be able to know the healthy condition of the embryo(s)?
Yes, definitely! We will help you to obtain the health records of embryos planned to be implanted, including the infection disease records from both egg and sperm source, the grade of the embryo, as well as the genetic qualification.
04. Should I implant 2 embryos?
Twins are not always born healthy. While any pregnancy has risks, those risks are greatly increased with twin birth. risk of low birth weight, risk of prematurity. These same risks increase to 57%, 65% with twin birth. With triplet birth, these risks are 96%, and 97%, respectively, according to a 2006 report by the CDC.
05. Will my records and information be kept private?
Yes, surrogates’ information and any medical records are protected by HIPPA, and can only be reviewed by medical professionals. Your information is safe with us.
06. Does the surrogate need to abstain from intercourse throughout the whole journey ?
The ONLY time needed to stay abstain from intercourse is from the start of medication admission until the pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. After that, regular sexual activity may be resumed strictly with a single partner, who needs to be screened.Sexual activities with new partner(s) or multiple partners will be a serious break of the surrogacy contract as STD infections could potentially harm the baby.


0.1 How will it feel when the baby took away with the Intended Parents?
It will be an emotional moment. Most of the time, the surrogate (and her families) have already built a relationship with the intended parents. By the time the baby is delivered, she is overjoyed to have the healthy baby meet his/her amazing parents. Most surrogates want to embark on another journey soon after the first one and come back to us to help out the next right family.

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