Tips for finding the best surrogacy agency in California

As a surrogate, egg donor, or an intended parent, you need to make sure you choose the best surrogacy agency in California. It can be difficult to find a credible agency with so many claiming to be best and trustworthy. We understand this challenge. This is why we have shared the tips you can use to find an agency you can rely upon.

Find a full-service agency

Many companies will just connect the two parties: surrogate and parents-to-be. Others will also take care of legal and medical requirements. They will guide you with the entire process and handle documentation. Choosing the latter one is beneficial to avoid hurdles in the process. You can check whether a company is a full-service agency or not by visiting their website. Call them if you are unable to get proper information online.

Find a team of compassionate people

Some agencies are good at their work, but often don’t provide psychological support to its clients. Conversely, many agencies believe in guiding their clients like friends. They offer maximum psychological support to every concerned party, be it the surrogates, egg donors, or the intended parents.

Ensure you get a case manager

The premier surrogacy agencies in California assign a case manager to the parents that provides all the updates of the process proactively. A case manager is a point-of-contact that the couples can trust for all their doubts and requirements throughout the surrogacy.

Check the feedback of their past clients

Their previous clients tell a lot about the kind of service they offer. Go through the reviews posted on their website and on Google. For the latter, type in their name in the Google search bar. When the information of their business appears, you can check the reviews.

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