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Top benefits of becoming a surrogate in California

Surrogacy isn’t about carrying a baby for a couple. You give a couple a chance to experience parenthood. This is why surrogacy is such a noble cause.

To help you understand it more, we have talked about reasons to become a surrogate in California.

It is a fulfilling experience

Ask any surrogate, and she will tell you about her experience as an achievement. It is something that adds to the purpose of their life. Most of the surrogates lead a happier life after carrying a child for someone. This sense of happiness is seen in their professional and personal life.

You get another chance to become pregnant

Only those females who have already delivered a baby can become a surrogate. This means you get one more chance to relive those nine months that you had experienced while carrying your first baby. And, this comes without any duty to raise the child. For many females, this is the most important motivation to become a surrogate in Irvine, California.

Expand your social circle

In most of the cases, the surrogates develop a close bond with the intended parents. They both meet each other on special occasions and festivals depending on how close the relationship is. Plus, you connect with other surrogates or those who plan to become one, thereby expanding your social circle.

Financial compensation

For their services, the surrogates receive adequate financial compensation. Apart from this, you will get medical and travel expenses. Throughout your journey, you will receive health insurance.

Due to all these benefits, it is a good idea to become a surrogate. To make the process smoother, you can become a surrogate with GDSA, California. For more details, visit the agency’s official website:

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